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Sri Rama Rajesh ji, the founder of Anna Kshetra, brings a heart and soul full of compassion, kindness and sympathy to the mission of feeding poor. He is driven by unconditional love and mercy for the people around. He is committed to feed all the poor in the street and inspires a lot of people to join his path.

Rama is silently engaged in various humanitarian activities, such as helping patients, support for educating their children and inspiring them to build confidence, energy and enthusiasm. He extends his heart towards Mother Nature too by planting around 3000 plants every year. He is a 'Karma Yogi' who worships the almighty by wiping sorrows of lives in extreme suffering.

He was doing his philanthropic activities all alone with his hard earned income and with a big heart. He was inspired by a vision to feed all the poor in the street. The 'volunteers' inspired by him have insisted Rama to start an organisation as he needs support of many kind hearted people from all over the world to reach his vision. Thus Anna Kshetra was born.

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IFSC Code : FDRL0001401
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