Volunteers Comments

Katarina Wallin, Sweden

Dear Rajesh, in the form of a letter, I would like to tell you what an extraordinary experience it was for me today to meet Indian people I have hardly met before. It is not right that some people should go hungry when others eat. With Anna Kshetra Kerala, you are trying to restore some balance, according to the principle "dig where you stand" I will do what I can to spread the world about this in Sweden. Thank you

Hannah Coles, United Kingdom

Thank you, Rama Rajesh, for this experience. I won't forget the people's faces and sparkling in their eyes, when I handed them a food packet. Such a moving experience - my heart is calling me to support Anna Kshetra Kerala in whatever way I can .May God bless you and your works.

Sponsors Comments

Hari D Menon, India

Thanks for giving the opportunity to be part of this wonderful movement. It's not an easy job to distribute food in the middle of hot sun which may not possible for me. I'm doing my part by contributing a small amount, which is the only thing I can do.

Three Friend's From UAE

We have been watching activities of Anna Kshetra for a couple of months. When we felt the activities are 100% genuine, we thought of being part of it.